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FOLOKE's vision is to bring healthy and radiant beauty moments to every user through innovative phototherapy beauty technology and a safe skincare philosophy. We aspire to be leaders in the beauty technology field, inspiring confidence in everyone to discover and showcase their beauty.

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Foloke Glow Therapy Mask : Activate Skin Energy, Unleash Limitless Radiance in a Revolutionary Beauty Experience!


Light Therapy Mask



By more than 3,000clinical studies

It seems unbelievable but it's true.

Red light therapy helps so many health conditions that more than 3,000 clinical studies have proven its benefits.

That's why the FOLOKE Lights are recognized as a medical device by the FDA.

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we showcase a collection of prestigious accolades earned in the medical field, spanning medical services, technological innovation, hygiene management, scientific research, and social responsibility. These awards stand as testament to our commitment to outstanding service, continuous innovation, and social responsibility. Thank you for visiting, and let's together celebrate the remarkable achievements in the field of healthcare.

Light Therapy Mask

Home Care

Family Beauty Moment: The Magic of Foloke Glow Therapy Mask Glow Therapy Mask

In this busy yet heartwarming family setting, the FOLOKE light therapy mask becomes the secret weapon for the beauty of each family member.

  • Personalized Beauty, Catering to Every Family Member's Needs
  • Intimate Moments, Memories of Collective Growth

Beauty SPA Moment

Pure Spa Journey: The Opulent Pleasure of FOLOKE Light Therapy Mask

In this luxurious spa setting, the Foloke Glow Therapy Mask Glow Therapy Mask stands out as a meticulously crafted beauty device, delivering an unparalleled skincare experience. Let's immerse ourselves in a pure spa journey and experience the unique charm of FOLOKE.

  • Luxurious Individuality, Meeting Each Guest's Unique Needs
  • Efficient Care, Spa-Level Radiance

Evening Care Ritual

Workplace Luminary: Evening Care with FOLOKE Light Therapy Mask

In this bustling evening of a busy workday, the FOLOKE light therapy mask becomes the secret weapon for every workplace luminary, infusing boundless vitality into their skin.

  • Efficient Nighttime Repair, Intimate Moments After Work
  • Easy Care, Moments of Self-Pampering in the Night

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Foloke LED Light Therapy Mask: Unveil Your Radiant Skin with Red, Blue, and Purple Light Modes

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Jessica L

Foloke light therapy mask is my nightly ritual! The personalized skincare plans make me feel like a skincare VIP. My skin's never been happier!


As a busy mom, Foloke is my skincare superhero. The easy-to-use light therapy mask lets me pamper my skin effortlessly. Bye-bye, dullness!


Got Foloke for my wife, and now I'm stealing it too! The growth together approach is legit. We're a Foloke family, and our skin's thanking us.

Liu Li

As a busy office worker, Foloke is my skincare savior. Easy to use, it brings a glow to my skin, erasing signs of fatigue.


Foloke not only focuses on skincare results but also cares about user needs. Feeling like a part of it, my suggestions are valued—awesome!


The mask's design is simple, making it easy for a skincare novice like me to handle. Thanks to Foloke, I can have beautiful skin even in my busy life


Using the Foloke light therapy mask, my skin feels more elastic. Nightly care has become a joy, and the pursuit of beauty feels effortless.


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